Party Line - San Diego Art Institute

“The Dead Are Not Quiet: A Group Exhibition of Macabre Art” - October 1 - November , 2016

Party Line is a sound installation for the San Diego Art Institute open October 1 through November 6, 2016. “The Dead Are Not Quiet: A Group Exhibition of Macabre Art” features work by artists living and working in the Southern California/Baja Norte region. The judge for the work was Scott Mitchell Putesky, an artist and musician best known for his work as the guitarist and co-founder of the musical group Marilyn Manson.  Read more…

Unicorn Graveyard - Bread & SaLT

10-channel silo installation, San Diego, California - April 16, 2016

Soldier - Qualcomm Institute

IDEAS (Day 1) - April 17, 2014 ; Filmatic Festival (Days 2-5) - April 24-27

Soldier is a 5-day immersive panoramic installation created by Wa/So (Yvette Janine Jackson + Ava Porter) specifically for the Recombinant Media Lab housed at the Qualcomm Institute's Calit2 in La Jolla. Surrounded by 8 screens and 16 channels of audio, viewers experience the rise and fall of a fictitious soldier, each day of the installation representing a different phase in his/her life (recruitment, breakdown, buildup, battle, and desertion). 

FJN-422 - Birch Aquarium

Springfest - April 14, 2013

Stories in the wall - Intersection for the Arts

Sound design and editing for visual artist Su-Chen Hung's Stories in the Wall - June 18 - July 30, 2005