Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer, sound designer, and installation artist.  Learn more.

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Chamber and Orchestral


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Production Notes and Personnel:

Ten Thousand Times James Gordon Williams, piano; Josh Weinstein, prepared piano; Kjell Nordeson, drums; Tommy Babin, electric bass, double bass; Samuel Dunscombe, bass clarinet; Drew Ceccato, tenor saxophone; Judith Hamann, 'cello; Yvette Jackson, trumpet; Colin Zyskowski, recording engineer.

Doreen's Aria Jessica Aszodi, soprano; Josh Charney, piano; Amy Cimini; electric viola.

Vernaculus II Anthony Davis, Ryoko Amadee Goguen, piano; Adam Goodwin, Tyler Eaton, double bass; David Morales Boroff, violin; Leah Bowden, percussion; Nicolee Kuester, horn; and Yvette Jackson, trumpet.

Gumdrop the Unicorn Music and lyrics by Bret Silverman. Arranged and produced for PRETTY the Series, Season 3, Episode 2.